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Vienna Holidays

Located in the heart of Europe and known as one of the most artistically rich cities in the world, Vienna is the perfect destination to unwind and enjoy a truly cultural experience. Travel Department offers a variety of Vienna holidays, including city breaks, ideal for exploring this diverse and enchanting city, as well as river cruises and longer European getaways taking in Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Vienna is situated on the banks of the Danube River, in the northeast of Austria. The city stretches into the Vienna Woods and encompasses both the Kahlen Mountain and Hermanns Mountain, the city's highest point. The landscape of the city boasts a skyline of cathedral and palace rooftops, a true representation of the historic and stunning architecture the city is renowned for. While Vienna is home to more than 1.8 million people, the city itself is compact enough to explore by foot and public transport, providing another reason why Vienna holidays are perfect for a weekend getaway.

Vienna Culture

Music and art are at the forefront of the offerings Vienna can provide. A remarkable number of world-renowned composers throughout history have lived and worked in Vienna, including Mozart and Beethoven, and their influence is still treasured. The city stays true to its artistic and musical roots, and holidays to Vienna cannot be without a visit to any one of the array of opera houses, theatres, museums and galleries the city houses.

Food in Vienna

Coffeehouses have been a part of the city's culinary heritage since the 17th century. Therefore, a holiday to Vienna must include a beverage and pastry delicacy enjoyed in one of these social establishments. The Viennese not only eat and drink in coffeehouses, but they also enjoy reading, playing cards and catching up with friends, making coffeehouses more like an extension of their own living space. Vienna is also known for its taverns, offering musical entertainment while sipping on young sour wine, known as Heuriger, to the locals. Other famous Viennese dishes that cannot be missed during a holiday to Vienna include veal schnitzel (Wiener schnitzel), hot apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) and dumplings (Knödel).

Vienna Climate

Vienna is known for its agreeable and temperate climate, sheltered from extreme weather by the outlaying hills. The city experiences cool evening breezes in the summertime, bringing relief from the day's heat. The winter time brings with it some snow and ice, but rainfall is generally low, making Vienna holidays possible all year round. The average temperature is 11.4°C (52.5°F), providing a pleasant climate for wandering and exploring all Vienna has to offer.

History of Vienna

With evidence of inhabitants as early as the Old Stone Age, Vienna developed under the occupancy of the Celts, then the Romans and subsequently the Barvarians. In 1278, the reign of the Habsburg monarchy began, a ruling that lasted over 600 years. The city grew to be a leader in the areas of fine arts and science during the Renaissance and later, during the Reformation in the 16th century, Vienna underwent a period of rebuilding, resulting in the famous Baroque architecture the city is known for today.

More recently, during the late 19th century, redevelopment of the city centre occurred, providing the well-known Ringstrasse boulevard and the greenery and parks still seen today. By the 20th century, modern art movements such as Art Nouveau were taking hold in the city, and Vienna nurtured the talents of painters such as Alfred Kubin and Gustav Klimt.  In 1918, the Habsburg rule ended and a German-Austrian republic was established. But the republic soon failed and an authoritarian regime was implemented. This was a difficult time for the once great city, followed by occupancy by the Nazis in 1938. In 1945, the city was liberated by the Soviets and in 1955, Vienna gained independence after working for many years to rebuild the city.

Today, it has regained a great deal of its reputation, known as a meeting place for international committees and as a seat for world organisations. Vienna is also home to a number of United Nations organisations.

General Information about Vienna

To make your holiday as smooth as possible, we’ve outlined some general information that may be helpful to you when planning your next getaway to Vienna.

Practical Information

  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Local Time: Ireland/UK Time +1 hour
  • Passport: A valid passport is required for this holiday. EU citizens do not need a visa, however non-EU citizens should check requirements.
  • Flight Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes. Vienna airport is located 16km southeast of the city. Approximate journey time to the city centre is 25 minutes.

Average Prices for Region

  • Coffee: €2.50
  • Beer: €3.50
  • Glass of wine: €3.30
  • Main course: €12.00-€17.00
  • Soft Drink: €2.80
  • Bottled Water: €2.50

Packing List

  • Your valid passport
  • A continental plug adaptor
  • A rain jacket
  • A small backpack
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Camera

Top Attractions in Vienna 

Schönbrunn Palace
A must-see attraction for all holidays to Vienna is Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Habsburg family, past rulers of the city. The grounds house stunning manicured flower beds and fountains, and the building itself provides some insight into the personal life of the royals.

Another former royal residence to visit is the Hofburg, which is now home to a mix of ministries and museums. The history of this landmark is evident, as it was once a fortress with a moat and drawbridge. Many additions to the building have been made over time, but the building still stays true to its historic origins.

The Ringstrasse boulevard is home to a number of famous Viennese sights, including the Vienna State Opera House and the Votiv Church. This area of the city takes visitors back in time, providing an insight into the period when Vienna was one of the most important capitals of the world. The architectural details highlight the imperial style the city was built on, making it a sight not to be missed during a holiday to Vienna.

Kunsthistorisches Museum
A stunning palace built to display the expansive collections of fine art obtained by past royalty, the Kunsthistorisches Museum is home to works by world-renowned artists such as Raphael, Bosch, Caravaggio and Brueghel.

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