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River Cruise Holidays

Wake up each morning in the heart of a different city.

River Cruise Holidays are a really fantastic way to see a few different cities on one holiday, without absolutely exhausting yourself.


River Cruise along the Danube

Generally, the boat travels at night, so you wake up each morning in a new city, refreshed and ready to explore.

A river cruise is like combining lots of city breaks into one without having to worry about repacking your bag, moving every day, or the logistics of getting from place to place!



We often build your River Cruise Holiday to include a hotel stay either before or after your cruise (sometimes both) and a city tour on arrival or before you return, if time permits.

Our Danube River Cruises usually depart or finish in Passau, known as the city of three rivers. If you happen to have a few hours free, we recommend you take some time to explore the town which has some beautiful architecture. 


River Cruise along the DanubeDepending on the holiday you choose, there are between four and eight ports of call during your journey. 

Unlike a huge Ocean Cruise liner, the smaller River Cruise boats can get you closer to the centre of the cities, so you have more time on land to see the sights and soak up the atmosphere of the new destination. On a recent trip, we found the inside of the boat deceptively spacious and the top deck is a fantastic space to relax and enjoy the sights as you travel on your way. 


Deck on River Cruise along the DanubeYou can choose whether to disembark at your ports of call or just sit on the huge top deck and relax. There are optional city tours that you can book before you travel or on board the boat.

We did a combination of the organised excursions and some independent exploring, you just have to be careful to remember how to get back to the boat in time!  


Lounge onboard River Cruise along the Danube


Travel Department work with a small family owned company called Lueftner Cruises. The boats are like a lovely boutique hotel with windows in every cabin, indoor lounge areas and outdoor decks to take in the wonderful surroundings. As there are only about 150 people on board each cruise, the atmosphere is really relaxed, friendly and safe. Board games and cards are available in the lounge if you feel like socialising.


The cruises are full board, the food is excellent and there’s lots of it. You definitely won’t go hungry – in fact, it’s probably a good idea to go for a few walks when the boat is docked just to burn off all the treats! There is also the occasional cocktail hour called just before lunch, which is always nice when you’re on holidays.

We chatted to a lot of the group who travelled on our first River Cruise and we're delighted to say that the feedback was really positive. We now offer several different Danube River Cruise holidays and hope that our range of River Cruise Holidays will grow to include new destinations soon. 

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