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Do you find Christmas Shopping as much of a chore as we do?

Check out our Top 6 Christmas Travel-Themed Gift Suggestions

Yes, Christmas is great - the food, the friends, the festive atmosphere - but we can’t be the only ones that struggle to buy Christmas presents… can we?

It seems like the more options we have, the more difficult it can be to find the perfect gift. From hours spent battling the crowds in shopping centres to sleepless nights coming up with ideas and endless hours scrolling through the internet, Christmas shopping really has become a nightmare! Get the gift right and you’re the toast of the party, but get it wrong and it could seem like you didn’t give it a second thought.

Well, if you’re sick of the stress of Christmas shopping then look no further. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a selection of thoughtful gift suggestions below. If your family or friends love travel (and let’s face it… who doesn’t love going on holidays?), then we’ve got some great travel-related gift ideas that will go down a treat under your Christmas tree this year!

1. Holiday Gift Voucher

We’re here to change your mind about gift vouchers! Some say they’re impersonal, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying someone a voucher that will bring them future happiness! It may sound a little cheesy, but travel really is one of the only things you spend money on that makes you richer! You come back with wonderful memories, having explored a new destination, ticked off a bucket-list trip, experienced a new culture and hopefully met some wonderful people along the way! So, if you know someone that loves to travel, help them achieve that next dream holiday by buying them a holiday gift voucher and contributing to their next adventure! And as coincidence has it, we even sell gift vouchers, for any amount with no expiry date! Find out more or purchase your gift voucher online now.

Holiday Gift Voucher

2. Photo-Book/Photo-Calendar

We’re not going to lie, they can be tedious to create, but if you’re willing to put in the time then a photo-book can be a really thoughtful, personal gift! So often, we go on holidays and take amazing photos, which then just sit on our camera or phone, completely forgotten! Wouldn’t it be a great gift for your family or friends to remind them of all their great holiday memories with a unique, personalised photo-book of all their favourite travel snaps? Companies like Photobox and My Photobook are popular and easy to use options to put together your one-off creation. If you’re finding it too time consuming to sort through photos and organise the photo-book, then why not consider a photo calendar instead? This can be a much quicker option. All that’s involved is choosing 12 images (1 for every month of the year) and it’s still a really unique, personalised gift! If you’ve left it too late to organise a photobook online, you can always do things the old-fashioned way - buy a nice photo album in a shop and print out a selection of memorable photos. If you don’t have access to their photos, you could even just buy them a voucher to create their own photo-book, finally giving them the push they need to create that long-lasting memento!

Photo Book

3. Map of the World

It’s something we might not consider as a decorative item, but instead of stressing over buying artwork, a world map can be a really nice addition to any living room! If you have family or friends who love to travel and are struggling to brighten up their bare walls, then consider gifting them a large map of the world. Not only do they capture attention, but they’re also great for travel inspiration! Just picture your loved one, relaxing in their living room, glancing around and catching sight of the world map, then all of a sudden they’re hit by inspiration for their next adventure or reminded of all the wonderful holidays they’ve been on in the past! And the best part is, every time they see it, they’ll think of you! Many stationary stores such as Eason’s will stock world maps, and www.worldmaps.ie have a great selection of wall maps available if you’re comfortable buying your gift online. We’ve also seen some low-cost world maps in “Flying Tiger Copenhagen” stores which are popping up all over the country recently, if you’re looking for a smaller, more affordable option!

World Map

4. Camera

When the camera phone came out, everyone said the traditional camera would be dead within the decade but, surprisingly, traditional cameras are making a comeback. Digital cameras are increasingly popular among holidaymakers and we’ve even seen a resurgence of Polaroid cameras in recent years. While a camera is a really thoughtful, useful gift, it can be difficult to make a decision when it comes to buying the perfect camera for a family member or friend. You’re faced with a wide selection of brands, all at different prices and complicated questions like “what kind of lens are you looking for”? The best option here is to head to your local camera shop and chat to the experts, explain who you’re buying the camera for, what you think they will use it for and also whether they have any experience with photography. All of these questions will hopefully help the sales person to point you in the right direction. Established brands such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic have a great range of “DLSR” cameras in a range of prices. If you’re struggling to make a decision, why not consider buying a voucher for your local camera store instead and let them do the research for you? If you don’t have a local camera store, there can sometimes be a good selection of cameras in electronic or homeware stores such as Harvey Norman’s, Argos, Curry’s PC World and DIY Electrical etc. If you’re co-ordinating presents with someone else, then why not suggest that they buy a voucher for a photography course to go along with your amazing gift? From online courses to specialised centres such as the Dublin Photography School, there are lots of options for different price tags!


5. Suitcase

If you hate buying useless, trendy gifts and want to make sure that your gift is actually helpful to your family or friends, then why not consider a practical item such as a suitcase? We’ve all had that moment where we’re going on holidays and we take the dreaded, battered suitcase out from under the bed or down from the attic to start packing and cringe at the wobbly wheels or broken handle! Why not make packing a happy time and invest in a suitcase that your loved ones won’t be embarrassed to wheel through the airport? From your local bag shop to large department stores such as Arnotts or Debenhams, there are plenty of options to choose from. Our advice would be to steer away from the bright colours and patterned designs and go for something a little plainer. Bright orange may seem like a good idea this year, but they might get sick of it in years to come and darker colours also tend to hold that shiny, new look for longer too, which is an added bonus!


6. Kindle

When Kindles first appeared on the market, we were a little sceptical, but these days they are an essential holiday item. You may miss flipping the page or that feeling of achievement when you close the back cover after getting to the end of an inspiring story, but honestly the beauty of a good book is in the writing and not in the pages! These electronic books allow you to buy and download a large selection of books to read, and unlike a tablet or iPad, their screens are designed so they’re easy to read in the sunshine. You lose the weight of books in your bag and instead find space for that extra pair of shoes in your suitcase! So why not give someone a practical, useful and light-weight Kindle, allowing them to bring a selection of amazing stories with them on their next holiday without limiting the amount of clothes they can bring? Kindles are available to buy in most large electrical stores such as Curry’s PC World, Harvey Norman’s and DID Electrical or if you’re comfortable buying online, Amazon have a great selection too! “Books” for the Kindle are also purchased online through the Kindle once it is registered and are often cheaper than buying the printed version which is an added bonus.


Stocking Fillers

If you’re super organised and already have most of your Christmas presents purchased but still need some small suggestions to fill those stockings, then we’ve got you covered! We’ve included a great selection of travel related small gifts below to help you put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season.
• Passport Cover - personalise & protect the most important document for your holiday
• Travel Wallet – they’re great for storing travel documents, booking confirmations etc.
• Selfie Stick - they may be embarrassing but they’re great for group photos
• Hand-held weighing scale for luggage - a life-saver to avoid paying fines for overweight luggage
• Inflatable travel pillow - great for long-haul flights in particular for added comfort
• Luggage tags - go bright and colourful so you can spot your case on the carousel
• Travel-sized wash bag - avoid those 100ml liquid dilemmas and be prepared

Find out more about Travel Department Gift Vouchers now

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