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Holidays to China

China is a country that contrasts centuries of history and ancient traditions with modern metropolitan cities and fantastic food. Travel Department holidays to China give you the opportunity to discover what this incredible country has to offer. You can explore the beautiful architecture of imperial dynasties, learn about the world's creation at Buddhist temples and experience the sights and sounds of the main Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Of course, the highlight of any visit is sure to be a trip to the Great Wall of China, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Our China holidays are escorted tours that allow you to see a little bit of everything. Our holidays include return airfares, transfers, 4 to 5 star accommodation and excursions with expert local guides.

Food & Drink

Make sure to leave plenty of time to try all of the delicious food that is on offer in China. Must-try traditional dishes include the Gong Bao Chicken dish, where the meat is cooked in a delicious blend of spices and grilled to perfection. Try wontons and dumplings the way they have been prepared for centuries and be sure to add some Peking Duck in Shanghai, the city it was invented in. 


The climate largely depends on what time of year you visit and what part of the country you visit. In the northeast of the country, summers are hot and dry and the winters are particularly cold. Central regions are often rainy in shoulder season, while hot in summer and mild in winter. In southeast China, there is a lot of rainfall year-round, summers are semi-tropical, and winters are relatively temperate. 

History & Culture

China is a country seeped in history and visiting the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an is a great way to learn more about how this country developed into such a cultural powerhouse. Begin with a trip to Tiananmen Square, one of the largest squares in the world. The nearby Tiananmen Gate leads to The Forbidden City, which was the Royal Palace during the Ming Dynasty and has served as the home of emperors for 500 years. There is an attached palace museum where you can learn about the many Emperors of China through a large collection of art, precious metals and sculptures. From here travel a little further afield to explore several sections of the Great wall and learn about its history. The 7th century BC fortification was built to protect the newly-unified China, a history lesson your guide will make informative and interesting.


China is one of the most highly populated countries in the world, yet it still manages to offer up incredibly vast and impressive landscapes. While travelling between cities, visitors are treated to many picturesque landscapes, small villages, mountains and rivers. The sight of the cities themselves, particularly at night, is an incredible experience. Tall buildings, busy streets and rows of shops are lit up and remain busy long into the night offering holiday-makers the chance to see Chinese culture at it's best. 

Practical Information

Vaccinations & Health

Vaccinations may be required before your departure - please consult with your GP or Tropical Medical Bureau. Larger cities in China may at times experience poor air quality. If you have a respiratory condition it is advisable to discuss this with your medical practitioner prior to booking your holiday.

Average Prices for Region:

Coffee: 27 ¥
Beer: 11 ¥
Glass of wine: 13 ¥
Meal: 28 ¥
Soft Drink: 4 ¥
Bottled Water: 4.50 ¥

€1 = approx 7.5 ¥

Holiday Highlights

The Great Wall of China

Originally a series of smaller walls insulating various independent Chinese states, the wall was connected more than 2000 years ago by the Emperor Qin to defend the first unified kingdom of China. Further extensions and restorations performed by the later Chinese dynasties developed the wall into a world famous magnificent engineering project.


Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors & Horses - These life-sized terracotta figures of warriors and horses were discovered in 1974 by farmers digging for a well near the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. Altogether over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots, and weapons have been unearthed from the pits where they were found, and the work on site continues.

Xi’an City Wall - The city is ecclosed by an ancient wall which was re-constructed in the 14th century, during the early Ming Dynasty and its design is based on the inner imperial palace of Tang Dynasty. The outer city is 13.7 km in circumference and occupies an area of 11.5 square km.


Oriental Pearl Tower - This futuristic looking tower in Shanghai is one of the city’s most distinct landmarks. It was formally the tallest structure in China until 2007 and offers incredible panoramic views of this bustling metropolis.

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