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North America officially consists of a number of nations – Greenland, Canada, the USA, the Caribbean nations, Mexico, and the seven Central American nations. Due to its large land mass and cultural diversity North America is a popular destination for holidaymakers – from the warm waters of the Caribbean and the breathtaking rocks of the Grand Canyon to the nightlife of New York City and the sandy beaches of California. 

New England in the Fall

New England is truly one of the most picturesque and stunning places in the world to visit during the autumn to witness the changing of the leaves. Explore the bustling metropolis of Boston, walk along the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, gaze at the peaks of the White Mountains and sample delicious ice cream in the Ben & Jerry’s Factory.

In Lexington and Concord, you can learn about the battle that ignited the American War of Independence, in Rhode Island see the spectacular mansions of ‘Millionaire’s Row’ and in Vermont sail across the beautiful Lake Champlain.

On this trip of a lifetime taste the local cider, maple syrup and fresh seafood; sightsee; shop for bargains and view New England’s version of the Grand Canyon, all set against the backdrop of falling Autumn leaves and stunning colonial architecture.


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The Golden Coast of California

Go west on this amazing holiday to California. On this holiday to the Golden State, you will drive along some of the most stunning coastline in the world, taste wine in scenic vineyards and explore one of the most popular cities in the United States, San Francisco.

Staying in the historic coastal town of Monterey, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the most affluent neighborhoods in California, spend leisure time shopping or on the beach and explore some of the most stunning State Parks. 

As well as taking in the famous sites along America's Western Coast, you can admire the magnificent views on two great American coastal road trips: the 17-Mile Drive and Big Sur. There is no other experience quite like driving along the impressive cliffside highways of the west coast, while staring out at the crashing waves of the great Pacific Ocean. 

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Canada's Maple Leaf Trail

An incredible 7 night holiday taking in all the wonders that Canada has to offer, from witnessing the spectacular Niagara Falls to seeing the bright city lights of Montreal and Toronto. This unforgettable trip includes an exciting boat tour along the Niagara River, to the foot of the falls; a half day guided tour of Toronto taking in Chinatown, St. Lawrence’s Market, and the Flat Iron building; a relaxing cruise along the St. Lawrence River; a guided tour of Montreal and sightseeing in Quebec. There is plenty of free time for sightseeing at leisure, relaxing and shopping.

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Mexico – the Aztec Empire & Cancun

Combine relaxation with culture and history on this incredible trip to Mexico. From touring the bustling metropolis of Mexico City or strolling through the quaint streets of Mérida, to exploring the ancient Aztec and Mayan empires, or relaxing on a white sandy beach, this holiday will give you memories that will last a lifetime. See the culture of the Mayan civilization first hand when exploring the ancient civilizations of Palenque, Uxmal and Chichen Ita, and see some of the oldest pyramids in the world at the Aztec settlement of Teotihuacan. Temples, tombs, art and artifacts of these breathtaking empires await you, and prepare to be stunned by the bright blue waters of Mexico at the world famous pool of Ik Kil or the magnificent Aqua Azul waterfalls. End your trip with some relaxation on the world famous beaches of Cancún. Dip your toes in the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico and let all your cares drift away as you lie on the sand.

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Western Caribbean Cruise, Orlando & Miami

Have the time of your life on this fabulous cruise holiday to Florida and the Caribbean. Begin your adventure in Orlando; visit the Apollo 11 launch site at the Kennedy Space Centre and take a thrilling speedboat ride through the Everglades.  Follow this with a wonderful Western Caribbean voyage on board the Carnival Liberty, with Carnival Cruise Lines. Swim in crystal clear waters in Mexico, snorkel on Belize’s beautiful barrier reef and come the closest you will ever get to paradise in Honduras’ Mahogany Bay. Returning to Miami, explore the vibrant city and chill out on its famous beaches. Combining total relaxation with sightseeing and nature, this holiday in sunny Florida and the Caribbean will leave you with memories to treasure.

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Gardens of Massachusetts and Boston in the Fall

Located in the North Eastern region of the United States, New England is home to spectacular scenery, diverse ecology and packed with history and literary antiquity. Travelling in October gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy mild sunny days and witness the incredible autumnal colours of the trees. 

On this two centre holiday you will stay in Brookline, Greater Boston and in the cultural hub of Northampton.

Garden visits are interspersed with city tours, historical visits and some opportunities for shopping and relaxing.

Frances MacDonald an experienced and qualified gardener and guide, accompanies the group throughout this holiday.

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New York Christmas Shopping

Kick off your Christmas shopping with three nights in the Big Apple. Shop your way around some of the most famous department stores in the world, including Sak’s, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf’s and Macy’s. Refuel in one of the city’s thousands of cafés, bars & restaurants and take in some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world.

One of the largest natural harbours in the world and home to over 8 million people, New York is composed of 5 boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. The city is easily navigated by an efficient 24/7 network of public transport including the subway, ferries and the renowned yellow taxi cabs. Densely populated and possibly the most culturally diverse city in the world, over 800 different languages are spoken in New York City.

The bustling streets contrast with the numerous parks and green areas spread across the city, Central Park is often referred to as ‘Manhattan’s lung’ and is one of the largest urban parks in the world.  The Hudson River flows through the city like a spine, lined with modern high rise buildings that sit against the historic city architecture.

A global hub for international commerce, media and entertainment, and welcoming over 54 million visitors a year, it is understandable why New York is known as the ‘city that never sleeps’ – it simply doesn’t have the time to!

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